Bald Hill Barn Walk


Thank you so much for joining us on our inaugural Explore Corvallis adventure!  We had over 25 adventurers come out to enjoy the day.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy and share!  

Thank you!
Marty Fulford & Karen DeWolfe – ExploreCorvallis

Adventure Report - What we did...

We are so excited about our first Explore Corvallis adventure! Twenty-five brave adventurers of all ages met at the Oak Creek Parking lot to hike around the beautiful Bald Hill Park. We walked through the farmland trails, and saw lots of interesting plants, birds and insects. Turkey vultures and swallows flew over the fields.

We looked into the little bubbles of foam made by spittle bugs (nymph stage of froghopper insects from the order of hemipteran). These cute little green insects create the foam bubbles around them to protect them from predators and the environment, and can often be seen on the stems of daisies. In the forest sections of the trail by the stream, the cow parsnip created white flower tunnels over six feet high.

Purple larkspur was in bloom by the streams, interspersed with bunches of whitish pink claytonia (miner’s lettuce). One ash tree by the stream bore the holes of the red-breasted sapsucker. This woodpecker species drills its distinctive small holes in rows, causing the tree sap to run. The stream of sap sweeps insects living inside the bark towards the holes where the woodpecker waits and licks them out of the holes.

Along the bottom of Bald Hill, the wild iris were blooming. That is where we also found the rocket flowers (or English plantain). By folding the stem of this plant in a particular way, these flowers can be shot through the air, entertaining adventures young and old.

The barn at Bald Hill provides a great place for hikers to stop and have a rest or some play time. Jelly Beans have been known to magically appear at this barn and need to be rounded up by young adventurers. The high bars located in the barn made for some exciting play and workout challenges! From the barn, it is a nice easy stroll back to the parking lot. All adventurers were accounted for and we finished our walk, the Three Sisters on the horizon, ready for dinner.

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