Bicycle Tour to SAGE Garden

Bike to Starker Arts Park SAGE Garden
Thank you so much for joining us on our Explore Corvallis adventure!  We had over 10 adventurers come out to enjoy the day.  Here are some photos for you to enjoy and share!  

Thank you!
Marty Fulford & Karen DeWolfe – ExploreCorvallis

Adventure Report - What we did...

Explore Corvallis #3: Waterfront to Starker Arts Park Bike Tour


Did you know that the Waterfront bike trail in Corvallis extends all the way to Starker Arts Park?  Corvallis has a paved bike path, separated from the road for the majority of its duration, allowing cyclists to ride safely around most of our beautiful city.  For more information on the Corvallis bike path (12 miles in all!), check out this link:


The Corvallis bike path was the focus of this months’ Explore Corvallis adventure.  We wanted to show people how beautiful, fun and safe the bike path is to travel.  But what if people didn’t have a bike? Peak Sports Bike Shop has bike rentals only a block away! And the city of Corvallis also has a city bike loaning program with white bikes stationed around the city.


Peak Sport Bike rentals:


Pedal Corvallis:


And what if people hadn’t been riding in a while and their bikes need a bit of work? The Corvallis Bicycle Collective kindly brought down their traveling “bike shop in a trailer” for us, complete with a great stand up floor pump, and a mechanic to help teach people to fix their bikes! This became most handy when one of our riders arrived with a flat tire. If you missed our ride and need some work done on your bike and would like to learn more about how to fix it, you can visit the Corvallis Bike Collective, located at 707 NW 11th St.


I believe every ride needs a great destination, and some fun things to do on the way.  This ride took us through the beautiful Avery Park, and ended at the Starker Arts Park, home to the Bruce Starker Amphitheater, SAGE Concert Series and the SAGE garden.  The Corvallis Environmental Center gave us a tour of the picturesque SAGE garden. SAGE is an educational, community run garden.  All the food grown supplies fresh, organic produce to many of the local food banks and soup kitchens in Corvallis. The gardening is done by 800 volunteers who all pitch in throughout the season to learn organic gardening techniques and help make this program such a success. The garden produces over 7000 lbs of produce every year!


Some of our kids wanted to play on the playground.  We had a great time exploring the new playground at the Starker Arts Park, but another option is Sunset Park just across the road. 


Missed the adventure? Find some adventurous friends and follow our route! Visit Peak Sports or the Corvallis Bike Collective to get your bike ready.  Meet at the water fountain and start pedaling along the water front.  Watch the skate boarders at the bike park, or take a spin around yourself. Head under the bridge towards Avery Park.  Stop at the Calisthenics Park and play on the bars! Keep riding on the bike path and enjoy how quiet and calm it feels to not be riding away from traffic. Depending on your speed and how many fun stops you make, expect to spend 20-30 minutes riding to the Starker Arts Park.  Is someone working at SAGE garden? Is there a concert happening at the amphitheater?  We hope you enjoyed your ride!


If you would like a guided tour, you can contact Karen at Momthletes. She will show you all her favorite things along the way.


Thank you Anthony Veltri for capturing this tour and bringing it to life for us! See more of Anthony’s work here:


Looking to move to Corvallis or find the perfect home? Trust Marty Fulford to help you find the right place for you and your family.  Marty wants you to see all the beauty and fun Corvallis has to offer!







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